Terms of Service

RUNNERX Terms of Service


Thank you for using RUNNERX service.

RUNNERX provides various functions and services (hereinafter "Service") so that you can use RUNNERX's service easily and conveniently. These terms and conditions contain important information necessary for using the RUNNERX service.

Agreements and Amendments to Terms of Service

RUNNERX account, downloading the service, or using the service is the same as agreeing to these terms and conditions, so read the terms carefully before using the service. try reading this please. If you agree to these terms, RUNNERX considers you as follows.

1. If you are not legally a minor in your country of residence,

2. A person who has been legally authorized by his/her parents or legal representative and is not prohibited from using the service under the applicable laws applicable to the country of residence. The legal representative of the minor user shall (i) supervise the use of the minor's services, (ii) bear all risks and responsibilities related to the use of the minor's services, and (iii) ensure the accuracy and authenticity of all information submitted by the minor.

RUNNERX can modify the terms and conditions and announce the changed terms and conditions on the RUNNERX app. If there is anything that can have a significant impact on the user, we will inform you in an appropriate manner, such as email registered in the RUNNERX account or notification through individual services. Changes will take effect from the effective date separately specified in the terms and conditions of change. If you do not accept the changed terms and conditions, you may not be able to use the service. RUNNERX understands that the user has agreed to the changed terms and conditions if the service continues to be used even after the date of enforcement of the changed terms and conditions has passed .

Know Before Using RUNNERX Service

License | RUNNERX provides you with a license to use the service freely. However, the license is limited and cannot be transferred to others, withdrawn and not monopolized by a specific person. Users may use the RUNNERX service for non-commercial purposes only according to the terms and conditions and the instructions provided in the service. All references to RUNNERX services include all relevant information and other materials to provide RUNNERX services, including updates, upgrades, improvements, modifications, changes, and additions to the services provided. Users must know and agree that RUNNERX has the right to the service and that it is protected by copyrights, trademarks, trade secrets, patents and other intellectual property laws and treaties applicable to the service. Even if you agree to these terms and conditions, you will only be given the rights to use the terms and conditions and will not be granted the right to own the service. In addition, RUNNERX can change the content and scope of the service to suit operational and technical needs, such as the country of service application, device in use, operating system (OS) type, RUNNERX or partner's internal policies.

Note | RUNNERX strives to protect the security and safety of all users of the service and does its best to ensure that users can use the service freely. To this end, please be careful not to use the service incorrectly as follows.

1. Attempt to find the source code and algorithm of RUNNERX service by software reverse design, etc.

2. Attempt to arbitrarily modify or disable RUNNERX service functionality

3. Making secondary works based on RUNNERX service

4. The act of providing services such as rental, re-implementation, and hosting using RUNNERX services

5. Infringement of intellectual property rights of RUNNERX or a third party in connection with the use of RUNNERX services

6. Use of RUNNERX services for illegal purposes or methods contrary to these Terms and Conditions and related laws.

7. The use of RUNNERX services in a malicious or negative manner ( e.g., the distribution of malicious code or harmful data such as hacking or viruses)

8. The use of services in a way that interferes with other users, damages, overloads, exacerbates, or compromises security.

9. Any attempt to decrypt transmission signals between the RUNNERX service and the server, or to collect data or information from the service or system.

Internet | Internet access may be required to use the RUNNERX service. Accessing the Internet through a mobile network may incur additional charges depending on the plan you subscribe to, and RUNNERX is not responsible for the availability or speed of Internet access.

Update | RUNNERX is always trying to make better service. To provide users with the latest additional features and improvements, we provide updates or upgrades to our services. Updates or upgrades are intended to improve, enhance, and further develop RUNNERX services, including bug fixes, patches, improvements in functionality, plug-ins, and new version installations. Please keep updating to the latest version so that you can use the RUNNERX service reliably. Critical updates, such as critical bug fixes and security updates, can be downloaded and installed automatically without any consent to protect all users, and other updates provide you with prior notice to download and install update files.

Third Party Services | RUNNERX is collaborating with global partners to provide useful content through its services. Accordingly, the RUNNERX service may include content (information, links, advertisements, etc.), products, services, and other materials provided by third parties (hereinafter "Third Party Services"). through third-party services benefits , but RUNNERX has no control over third party services. Therefore, RUNNERX assumes no responsibility for any damages or losses resulting from the use of third party services.

Advertising | RUNNERX offers a variety of services free of charge, so some services display advertising. You can display advertising and marketing-related information provided by RUNNERX or a third party in the service.


Membership registration is required to use the RUNNERX service. To sign up, you have to follow the instructions below. For some services, subscription or use may be restricted to minors.

1. When creating an account, you must provide accurate and complete registration information to RUNNERX.

2. If the user information changes, the account information should also be updated.

3. Be careful not to leak your account password or share it with others when using your account.

4. If you suspect that your account is being used without permission, you should inform RUNNERX immediately.

Meanwhile, the RUNNERX app at any time You can cancel your membership through

User Content

License | RUNNERX service allows you to share content such as posts, messages, and documents with other users. When you share your own content, you can freely share the intellectual property rights of the content with anyone at any time, but the license required by the RUNNERX service must be provided to RUNNERX. By uploading or transmitting information, materials, documents, and other content (hereinafter "User content") through the RUNNERX service, RUNNERX is licensed to copy, edit, distribute, translate, digitize, publish, execute and display user content to the extent necessary to provide the service. These licenses are irrevocable to users, have no restrictions on the use of content, and include rights and rights that are free of fees worldwide.

Note | RUNNERX does its best to secure user content, but is not responsible for any loss of your content or data. Make sure to make a copy to prevent loss of user content and related data stored through the RUNNERX service, or use an online backup service to back up to another location. If it is lost, it cannot be restored, and RUNNERX is not responsible for this, so please be careful. In addition, the following matters related to user content must be guaranteed.

1. All rights to user content belong to the user and are authorized to allow RUNNERX to use.

2. User content does not infringe on intellectual property rights or the rights of others.

3. Compliance with age classification rules and requirements in accordance with the laws of all countries where the person currently resides or uses the service, etc.

Change and Termination of Services

Change Service by RUNNERX | RUNNERX can change the service at any time as follows:

1. Some services or functions of RUNNERX can be changed, added, or deleted.

2. Access to the user's account or files or other content contained in the account may be interrupted or restricted from using or accessing the service.

3. Pre-screening, review, flag display, filtering, modification, rejection, blocking access, and removal of content provided through the service.

Cancel by User | If you do not want to use the RUNNERX service anymore, you can cancel by leaving your RUNNERX account at any time.

Termination by RUNNERX | RUNNERX can be discontinued or terminated at any time in the following cases:

1. If you violate these terms and conditions or RUNNERX's instructions provided by individual services, etc.

2. In the case where it is clearly indicated that there is no intention to comply with the terms and conditions.

3. If a partner who provides services to RUNNERX or RUNNERX decides to terminate all or part of the services,

4. If a partner who provides services to RUNNERX or RUNNERX is required to terminate all or part of the services in accordance with relevant laws, etc.

On the other hand, even if the RUNNERX service is terminated or the use of the service is terminated, the responsibility for the rights and obligations of the user or RUNNERX arising during the validity of these terms and conditions will not disappear.

Notice | RUNNERX will do its best to inform you of the change or termination of the service in advance in a reasonably possible way, such as an email registered in your account or a notice within the service, unless it is urgent. If RUNNERX provides such a notice, RUNNERX shall, to the extent permitted by relevant laws and regulations, We are not responsible for users or third parties.

Warranty and Liability

RUNNERX coverage | RUNNERX service is provided "as-is" or "as-is" without any warranty to the extent permitted by relevant laws. For example, RUNNERX does not provide specific agreements or legal guarantees regarding the service, including any commerciality, good quality, skilled workability, specific purpose suitability, reliability, accuracy, virus absence, quiet environment, non-infringement of third party rights or other rights. However, it is excluded if the relevant laws do not allow the exclusion or restriction of implied warranties.

Scope of RUNNERX Liability | RUNNERX is not responsible for any damage caused by the user's use of the content or features provided by the RUNNERX service unless the RUNNERX is intentional or gross negligence. The scope of damage includes errors, omissions, interruption, defects, delays in operation or transmission, computer viruses, connection failures, network costs, and all other direct, indirect, special, accidental, punitive, consequential damages. However, it is excluded if the relevant laws do not allow the exclusion or restriction of damages.

General Details

User Intellectual Property Protection Policy | RUNNERX values the intellectual property rights of everyone, including RUNNERX service users. RUNNERX may verify copyright infringement or other alleged violations under relevant laws and terminate, suspend, or block access to accounts of users who repeatedly infringe copyright or violate relevant laws.

Governing Law / Dispute Resolution | These Terms and Conditions are governed by the laws of the Republic of Korea, regardless of conflict of laws provisions. In the event that a dispute, controversy or difference of opinion arising during the user's use of the RUNNERX service cannot be amicably settled, the non-exclusive jurisdiction of the courts of the user's place of residence shall apply to the matter. Nevertheless, RUNNERX may apply for compulsory execution, provisional disposition, etc. to a local court other than the jurisdictional court of your residence.

Entire Agreement / Severability | These terms and conditions are the complete agreement between RUNNERX and the user regarding the RUNNERX service, and supersede all agreements, oral or written, regarding the services or issues covered by these terms and conditions prior to the conclusion of these terms and conditions. Even if any provision of these Terms is invalid, revoked, illegally or incapacitated, the remaining provisions shall remain in effect.

Protection and Preservation of RUNNERX Rights | RUNNERX does not grant any patents, know-how, copyrights, trade secrets, trademarks or other intellectual property or other rights held or controlled by RUNNERX, including names, product enclosures, logos or substitutes, unless expressly provided for in this Agreement. This is not construed as RUNNERX's official waiver of rights or remedies, even if RUNNERX fails to exercise or enforce legal rights or remedies that may benefit under these Terms and Conditions or in accordance with relevant laws .

RUNNERX's right to feedback | When a user provides RUNNERX with new products, technology, publicity, product names, product feedback, improvements, ideas, suggestions, feedback, etc., RUNNERX will be empowered to produce , generate, use , share and commercialize derivatives for any purpose or purpose without fees or other obligations.

Export restrictions | Export restrictions of some countries may apply to the RUNNERX Services, and you agree to comply with all applicable export control laws and regulations, including to the RUNNERX Services. You must comply with all applicable national and international laws.

Language | RUNNERX can provide a translated version of this Terms and Conditions to make it easier for you to understand, but if there is a conflict between the translated version and the Korean version, the Korean version takes precedence.

Special Conditions of Service

The following services are provided by the company to its members as prescribed in these terms and conditions. Customers who wish to use the service must sign up as members through various procedures specified in this agreement. However, the terms of use and scope of use of the service may be limited, or certain qualifications may be required for members. In this case, the company will notify you of the restrictions and requirements.

1. Cryptocurrency mining service

Members can mine tokens through mobile play and mine cryptocurrency if they perform the procedures provided as stipulated in these terms and conditions.

2. Community Services

Members can create communities such as guilds and crew with pre-collected cryptocurrency and use services such as leveling up, changing the name of the community, and adjusting the number of people as stipulated in this agreement.

3. Challenge Service

Members can participate in various challenges as stipulated in these terms and conditions.

4. Event Service

Members can participate in various events as stipulated in these terms and conditions.

5. Others

In addition to the above-mentioned services, the company may provide additional information related to the running competition, develop additional services by other companies, or develop additional services through partnership agreements with other companies. The company operates a service web page to facilitate the delivery of the service, so you can check and inquire more details that are not supported by the service.

RUNNERX services cannot be used for medical purposes such as diagnosing, treating, reducing, or preventing your illness, and if you experience any health or physical problems during use, you should stop using RUNNERX and consult a doctor or other specialist. The content or information provided by RUNNERX is based on standard data or subjectively input or objectively measured information, so it cannot accurately reflect your physical characteristics, specific health status, or surrounding exercise environment.

If you have any further questions about the RUNNERX service, please feel free to contact the RUNNERX Customer Center.

Contact : runner_x@donga.com

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